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Loops using assert as the controller /

mwebbmwebb Members
edited July 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
I have a seriously complicated test going on here. Part of the test uses
while(_condition(_assertNotExists(_cell($emailTypes[$i])) != false) )

which I use to wait a varying amount of time for something to appear, which changes based on the number of times I do something. This works wonderfully, save for one small issue. It logs a failure at the end of the loop, when the object I'm waiting for finally appears. Is there a way to fix this, or override that failure log?

Secondly, part of this test opens another tab that I need to assert something within, and then close it. this part also works just fine, except for the fact that after using
_popup("Title of Popup).eval("top.close()");

To close the window, Sahi stops logging everything. It continues to perform the functions in the test, but the actual logs just read


How can I fix this?
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