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Running a test suite does not work with IE8 Windows7

Fabien RoyFabien Roy Members
edited February 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
Environment: IE8 8.0.7601.17514
Sahi V4.4 Release 2013-04-29
jdk: 1.5.0_22

I can use Sahi with the Recorder. Recording and Playback for an individual script through the recorder work fine.
However, I cannot run a suite with IE. The IE browser opens fine, but nothing happens. After some time the scenario fails and the logs read:
Running a suite with Firefox works fine.

Here is the content of the bat file I use to start the suite:
java -cp ..\lib\ant-sahi.jar net.sf.sahi.test.TestRunner -test scripts/TPPR/TPPRComplete.suite -browserType ie -baseURL http://salpt10073/tTPPRPROJECT/ -threads 1

Here is the content of the console:

C:\D\Softs\Sahi\userdata>java -cp ..\lib\ant-sahi.jar net.sf.sahi.test.TestRunner -test scripts/TPPR/TPPRComplete.suite -browserType ie -baseURL http://salpt10073/tTPPRPROJECT/ -threads 1

suiteName = scripts/TPPR/TPPRComplete.suite
base = http://salpt10073/tTPPRPROJECT/
sahiHost = localhost
port = 9999
threads = 1
browserType = ie
this.isSingleSession == false
Added shutdown hook.

Sahi console:
13 fÚvr. 2014 16:07:34 net.sf.sahi.ssl.SSLHelper getKeyManagerFactoryForRemoteFetch
INFO: No SSL Client Cert specified
>>>>>> Tests size = 1
#### Running Script: C:\D\Softs\Sahi\userdata\scripts\TPPR\simpleActions.sah
13 fÚvr. 2014 16:07:49 net.sf.sahi.test.ProcessHelper execute INFO: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -noframemerging ""
13 fÚvr. 2014 16:07:50 net.sf.sahi.test.ProcessHelper$PIDGatherer run
INFO: PIDs: []; 921 ms
Killing C:\D\Softs\Sahi\userdata\scripts\TPPR\simpleActions.sah
13 fÚvr. 2014 16:10:20 net.sf.sahi.test.ProcessHelper kill
INFO: Kill: []

Script did not start within 150 seconds. at 13 févr. 2014 16:10:19
Total Memory in JVM (Xmx) is: 63.5625 MB;
Memory currently in use is: 6.37109375 MB;
Memory increment during this test is: 1.44140625 MB


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