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Using _popup(identifier) with popup title blank in the webpage I mean

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I'm using the _popup(identifier) instruction in sahi. When the web page in it's html code has the tag <tittle>Window Name</title>, sahi works OK. All the instructions related with popups works ok.

_popup("Window Name).

But when the popup WebPage doesn't have title(<tittle></title>) those instructions don't work.

Sahi doesn't recognize the popup window because It doesn't has title.

I've searched at forum but I haven't found answer yet

I just need, when the popup page has title in blank; How Sahi identified the popup WebPage ?

In Javascript you can change the title of the any WebPage with "document.title='New Title'" but in sahi this doesn't work.

When the popup WebPage doesn't have title in its place it puts the URL of the page.
The title is for instance "http://localhost:8081/FormularioPHP/consultardirecto.php";
I've tried too calling the popup with the URL :

"_popup("http\:\/\/localhost\:8081\/FormularioPHP\/consultardirecto\.php")._setValue(_textbox("nick"), "john");" but this doesn't work
I've tried too, for this case:

_popup("/.*/")._setValue(_textbox("nick"), "john");
_popup("") ._setValue(_textbox("nick"), "john");
_popup()._setValue(_textbox("nick"), "john");
document.title="Windows Name"

Thanks for your time :-)

Forums where I've searched:


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