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Companies using Sahi

wasimhbrwasimhbr Members
Hi Narayan,

I wanted to know the adaptibility of Sahi by known corporates. I am very happy using this tool but management is asking me this question as how many well known companies are using this tool.

If you know any of them please reply to this post.

I strongly feel Sahi needs some advitisement, if posible add a page which speaks about customer information. total bugs logged.



  • We at Callminer, Inc are using this tool. It works wonderfully so far. The members from the forum have been very help and responsive. I highly recommend this tool.
  • Thanks kphapakdy, I work for Symphony Services.

    Request other sahi users also to share there company names.

    Later we can tell Narayan to bring in all customer logos on Sahi Web Site.
  • We at sone services also using Sahi for automating our applications.
    I highly recommend sahi.
    There is very little learning curve
    It's highly scalable as it's using javascript
    You will get immediate bug fixes if required (Thanks for Narayan!)
    No Xpaths, no dependencies
    light controller which records as well as play it back.
  • We at iGATE are doing R&R on Sahi and its versatility...

    But we are facing problem in invoking Sahi controller in Mozilla 3.6.3, IE8, Safari 5 and latest updates of other browsers.
    Can you please help us Narayan.

    But I really need to THANK Sahi Development Team for such a wonderful tool and NARAYAN for immediate bug fixes.
  • sumeetsumeet Members
    We at S1 Corp are using it since almost two years, this is a great tool. With this open source we cut down our spendings on licensed tools. I will strongly recommend this tool for web application testing, this is easy and one of the powerful tool. Sahi has good support and it is evolving on its own growth path absorbing the new requirements.
  • rachapparachappa Members
    edited July 2010
    I am from Trigent, i have been working from last 2 week on this "Sahi" tool. i felt its a great tool. I am exploring so many things with this open source tool. Sahi has a live forum and great support from the "Narayan" at any time :).

    Great Thanks to 'Narayan' for creating and giving timely support for the "Sahi".
  • We at Deloitte using this tool. It is excellent. We integrated with our built process also. Performance is excellent.

    "Keep going Narayan"
  • Thanks Guys for replying to this post.

    We can make Sahi big just by adding a line of details on company we work for which is using Sahi.

    Request you guys to please add the details.
  • I'm working by Your-Net-Works, Inc. and i use Sahi for a couple of months. With Sahi i started to build our company's automated testing infrastructure from scratch and was not disappointed about it. It's really easy-to-learn tool though very flexible and powerfull.
  • keatskeats Members
    I am working for mphasis and we use sahi for our web application. I highly recommend this tool. We[QA] have been using this for more than 2 years and now development will be using it for unit testing. The best part about the tool is that its easy to learn by QA team as it does not involve any high level programming language.All the best sahi team!
  • We at Sykes in Bangalore are using this wonderful tool
  • This tool is really useful?
  • ashuashu Members
    Apart from other record & playback tools..............Sahi is the best for web functional test tool i think. We have just started with Sahi....
  • SPSP Members
    We at Mcfadyen Solutions, use Sahi also for automating our web based applications. We specialize in developing e commerce web application in ATG Framework. We already implemented Sahi, on some of our projects. Sahi has been implemented for our clients including a leading British distributor of electronic components supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals globally and for another client who is a leading British toy manufacturer. Sahi works brilliantly for us.
  • I am from Myca ( and we just started using Sahi recently to test a mobile application that was written in Java. Most of our applications are written in flex so we cannot use Sahi to automate testing but I have been very impressed to see how easy it is to start automating using Sahi ! I am surely looking forward to see flex support for this app.
  • We from Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd using Sahi for automating web application and its working beautifully.
  • hi guys, we are from germany. our company is about road construction and we have many maps here, we want to check...

    we also think, that this is an highly recommended tool with the option to high availability...
    but some things about the IE 7 are not so good for us.. some bugs about nullpointer exceptions we have here now...

    i wrote an email to the support here ;) but i haven't some reply yet...

    greetz at all from germany
  • Hi, I am working for InfoStretch Solutions Private Limited. I am doing R&D on Sahi for last 2 weeks and I have explored a lot. Its amazing.
  • We at are using this.
  • We at Oracle, using SAHI web automation tool for quite some time for our project. It's very stable.

    It could easily recognize the objects, which was not recognized by Selenium. so, we actually migrated our code from selenium to Sahi.
    It's supported for our custom build DTE framework as well.

    Automating ADF Components are very easy with this tool.

    Best thing abt Sahi is very easy to learn, go for productivity in short time and the Team with their excellent "support" for 100%...

  • Please include Accenture in the list. Narayanan we salute youer efforts.
  • We at FISERV, are using this tool. It works wonderfully so far.

    Need to know how we can generate Report for Executed Test Scripts and Results. As this is urgent for us to develop reports in Sahi - if any body has so far developed any report please share the code and implementation ASAP. This will be a great help.

  • We at First Advantage, using Sahi for our Regression Automation testing...We have Champs..Bhavitha and Aparanji working on it...

  • I work for a federal contractor. Currently we are doing a Project for US Department of State. Our application is using SmartGWT. Our Developer recommended Selenium but I found SAHI is the most perfect tool for our project. I introduced this tool to my company and convinced them to purchase the Pro version.

    We just started using the opensource version with our 1st release. As a Tech Lead I had to train two of my colleagues and found that even a Non-Developer Tester can easily work with it.

    I found Mr. Narayan very helpful and responsive.

    Sahi expert users, please post as many topics or tips as you can so that this forum gets more rich and more resourceful.
  • hi this is mohan from chennai .. i am using sahi in our concern. and recommended sahi to hyd base independent testing company they found its useful for their clients. its a perfect one for tesing gwt and extjs application , .net and ajax based applacations , since i tried all of the above said .. i recommended my management to buy pro version. thanks narayan . i was struggling with selenium to automate our extjs application.
  • I'm from the headissue GmbH in munich, useing Sahi to test nightly-builds
  • Jack AndrewJack Andrew Members
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    I am using Sahi for automating website. It is a perfect for testing gwt extjs application.
  • ashwiniashwini Members
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    Web2.0 UI provide tremendous flexibility in end user interaction.As we move into this new era of UI, test automation becomes more challenging. And ease of Object Identification is lost. Test automation tools need to provide intelligent object recognition.Thanks to Narayan Raman for building Sahi. Sahi has execellent UI recognition capability. And is VERY easy to use.
    Digite's "Swift Kanban" - a collaborative web based kanban tool - is architected on JAVA E5 technology and application UI is built on top of YUI framework. We have defined test automation framework for SWIFT-KANBAN using sahi and it has turned out to be very successful. Please include digite in list of customers.

    Ashwini Lalit
  • sivasiva Members
    edited September 2011
    Hi All,

    This is siva, i was using this AMAZING tool ( Sahi ) from past 2 months, i observed lot many advantages when compared with other tools

    I observed the awesome advantage in Sahi is internal wait time until the page get generated, but when come to other tools this option is not there

    I was working on two more automation tools including sahi , among these i feel Sahi is the best one

    simply we can go with Sahi without thinking to reduce our work, time and money

    Thanks to Sahi team for introducing such a tremendous tool
  • But we are facing problem in invoking Sahi controller in Mozilla 3.6.3, IE8, Safari 5 and latest updates of other browsers.
    Can you please help us Narayan.
    But I really need to THANK Sahi Development Team for such a wonderful tool and NARAYAN for immediate bug fixes.
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