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Unable to upload file via the "Choose File to Upload" popup window in IE

When trying to record a File Upload process using Sahi Pro, I am having issues it seems due to the "Choose File to Upload" popup window in IE not having any elements to select from. When I try to record using Sahi, no elements are recorded during the upload. And when I try to inspect element in Internet Explorer, there is no inspect option on the "Choose File to Upload" popup.

I have tried the following setFile2 API:

eg. _setFile2(_file("id"), "C:/abc/efg.jpg");

I have tried what might be locators from the previous page in Internet Explorer and I am getting different behaviours:

Using Locator 1 - Says that it is successful but you can't progress further. You appear to be locked at that spot and can't proceed further with the upload.

Using Locator 2 - Am getting this error in the logs:
"TypeError: Unable to set property 'type' of undefined or null reference".

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?


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