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SAHI - WebSite Search Function + Change to separate WebSite Folder

Hi guys,

I´m looking to get some help to fulfill an automatic search through different tabs or pages of a web based system.
The system listed e.g. 50 products .. but only 10 products per tab / page

I´m wondering if there exist a search function e.g. search for "product 0815" on page 1 .. and if result = 0 / false .. pleae go to page 2 .. and so on > finally a kind of a loop

May somebody could help me in that case

Thanks in advance



  • Solved for my own ;)

    // *** Start - DeAssignment ***

    function doAddDeAssignment($Member, $ProductGroup){

    // Überprüfung eines bestehenden Settlement Members

    _setValue(_textbox(1), $Member);

    // Produktgruppe auswählen und deaktivieren

    _click(_span("Product Group"));

    $span = 1;
    while ($span++ < 25) {

    _click(_imageSubmitButton("Edit Settlement Member Product Group"));
    _setValue(_textbox("tabs:panel:masterdataAdditionalPanel:validTo:date"), "31.10.2021");
    _setValue(_textbox("tabs:panel:masterdataAdditionalPanel:validTo:time"), "00:00:00");
    _click(_imageSubmitButton("Save Settlement Member Product Group"));
    $span = 25



    // Einlesen EXCEL


    var $data = _readExcelFile("THE_TEST_DeAssignment.xlsx", "MasterData",false);


    if($data!=null) {

       // Maske Settlement Member öffnen
       _click(_link("Settlement Members"));
       _dataDrive(doAddDeAssignment, $data);


    // *** ENDE ***

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