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I am new to Sahi and using it with Gauge Framework.
I am trying to do browser.navigateTo(url);,it navigates to that url and is still on that page. Below is the stackTrace:

Testing started at 11:55 ...
Sahi properties file = D:\BDD\WEBUI\sahi\config\

Sahi user properties file = D:\BDD\WEBUI\sahi\userdata\config\

>>>> Sahi OS v5.0 started. Listening on port: 9999

>>>> Configure your browser to use this server and port as its proxy
>>>> Browse any page and CTRL-ALT-DblClick on the page to bring up the Sahi Controller

Reading browser types from: D:\BDD\WEBUI\sahi\userdata\config\browser_types.xml

Returning Default Browser : chrome

Nov 11, 2019 11:55:24 AM net.sf.sahi.ssl.SSLHelper getKeyManagerFactoryForRemoteFetch
INFO: No SSL Client Cert specified

Nov 11, 2019 11:55:24 AM net.sf.sahi.test.ProcessHelper execute

Nov 11, 2019 11:55:25 AM net.sf.sahi.test.ProcessHelper$PIDGatherer run
INFO: PIDs: [5500, 7048, 8464, 15908, 5300, 19416, 17216]; 1011 ms
non-positive interval for NewTicker

goroutine 19 [running]:
time.NewTicker(0xf7359400, 0xffffffff, 0x1159c400)
23 +0x1ba*GaugeListener).sendPings(0x11664de0)
/tmp/src/ +0x178
created by*GaugeListener).processMessages

/tmp/src/ +0x2ae

Specifications: 1 executed 0 passed 1 failed 0 skipped
Scenarios: 1 executed 0 passed 1 failed 0 skipped

Total time taken: 2m38.799s
Updates are available. Run `gauge update -c` for more info.
Process finished with exit code

Here is the report:
net.sf.sahi.client.BrowserUnresponsiveException : did not complete in 150 seconds.


  • @Step(";GotoURL")
    public void goToURL() {
    // You can specify the browser you want to run the tests on.
    // browserType can take any value defined in
    // sahi/userdata/config/browser_types.xml

    // Create a browser and open it
    browser = BrowserFactory.getBrowser();

    Please reply as soon as possible
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