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Sahi : our choice

Hi folks,
we are the monitoring team of CSI Piemonte ( ) a more than 30 year old company dedicated to develop and manage public administrations, public hospitals and many other public entities of Piemonte - Italy ( Piedmont in English ), i'm a consultant and my company is ( ).
We are located a Turin and we have to control 2000 servers apporx, 1600 applications and over 10K lan devices.
We were looking for a web test solution in order to monitor 1000 web applications in parallel mode.
We tried many softwares and our choice was Sahi and AutoHotKey ( when the web application uses to much java and then becomes a client-server application at all).
Sahi liked us immediatly because it can help us to reduces the number of necessary servers to perform all required tests, it resolves a lot of complicate situation and its community was pretty alive.
But nobody of my collegues beleived me when i tell them how Narayan solved our biggest problem: SSL client certificate.
It was sufficient write a couple of post on Sahi forum and our hero get out of his sack a brillant and new Sahi build with a working SSL client certificate management. One minute to unzip, write 3 lines of configuration and run the server: magically all our headaches disappeared and 400 application error monitoring forgotten.
If somebody wants more informations or ideas can write me to or
I hope to post again here to announce you other new goals reached using Sahi.
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