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IMPORTANT: Posting Guidelines

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Dear Sahi users,

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums are useful to everyone

1) Search on the website and forums before you post. We get a lot of questions which just need reading the links in this section:

2) If you cannot bring up the Controller, read this:

3) If you are having problems with HTTPS or SSL, read this:

4) When posting about problems, give as much information as possible so that anyone can reproduce your problem. Report a problem the same way you would raise an issue internally; with all the preconditions, reproduction scenario and expected and actual behavior.

5) Please do not address questions to specific individuals.

6) Always include the OS name, browser name and version, and Sahi build number in your posts. You can get this information from the Sahi Controller's Info tab.

7) As good manners, please do not use all upper case, multiple exclamation marks, or use language like "Please reply asap".

8) If possible, respond to others' queries, so that the forum does not depend too much on a few individuals.

9) Do not add your post to unrelated threads or old threads. Create a new issue if you do not find a recent issue relating to your problem

10) Post in the correct forums. For example, do not post your questions in the testimonials sections.

Sahi Support Team


  • mac
    Hi Narayan,

    Does the author of the problem close the thread or is this done by the Sahi Support Team?

  • How do i create a new topic??
  • Members
    where are guidelines for short codes or some way to highlight / identify code?
    I see some posts have yellow indented (blockquote) snippets.
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    Hi Hishamn,
    You can use the "Start a New Discussion" button at the top right corner of the page for creating a new topic.
  • @qaweb
    you can highlight code by surrounding it with [ code] [ /code] ( without spaces)
  • Hi,

    Trying to integrate Testlink with Sahi. We have doe this for Selenium, but was not able to find correct APIs. Appreciate any help in this regard. We are using Windows and Sahi OS. Testlink version is 1.9.3.
  • Sahi forums support BBCode to highlight text, code and so on.
    You should use it to make your posts more readable.
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