Please note that Sahi's development and support teams do not actively monitor this. This is more a community forum. If you are a Sahi Pro user looking for commercial support, please email support @ with your query.

Sahi Community Forums

Sahi Community Forums allows users of Sahi Open Source and Sahi Pro to interact and find answers from the community.
  • Forum to discuss usage, problems, solutions and best practices related to Sahi Open Source.
    4,269 discussions 13,070 commentsMost recent: Handle scroll event on table by sanket.pattekarNovember 2016
  • This forum is for Sahi Pro users.
    379 discussions 850 commentsMost recent: to get computed style by jpratt1February 20
  • This forum is to share testimonials, customer stories and use cases that others may find useful when evaluating web testing tools. If you do not wish to state your organization name, please explain what your organization does and how big it is. Please discuss bugs and problems in the other forum.
    27 discussions 73 commentsMost recent: Unable to test flash application. by November -1
  • You can post jobs related to Sahi or other QA/tester requirements on these boards. You will be able to reach out to thousands of QA professionals who work with Sahi.
    9 discussions 33 commentsMost recent: showModalDialog issue by November -1